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Light Fire Down – the last ever session

July 22, 2016

Yesterday I recorded one last acoustic song for Light Fire Down. We recorded at my house for a change, and I stuck Rich in my DIY guitar/vocal booth in the spare bedroom of my house. We tracked with Rich’s Ibanez acoustic which was mic’ed with an NT2000 and Sontronics STC-1. Rich’s acoustic sounds pretty middley, and the acoustic itself doesn’t have a whole lot of low end. I was initially running both mics through my A-Designs Pacifica, but just found I couldn’t get the low end I needed, so ended up putting the NT2000 through my Great River ME-1NV and cranking the input a fair bit. For vocals I had Rich sing through the NT2000 which went through my A-Designs Pacifica; the Pacifica is a really awesome mic pre on a lot of sources, and having Rich’s vocals go through it just sounded great.

I’ve also been using my NT2000 a lot more recently, as I find my KSM32 doesn’t really provide an up-front vocal sound. It’s kind of sat in retirement for a while as I’ve been using my KSM32s a lot more, but I’ve realised it’s an incredibly versatile and useful mic. Overall the session went great, and I think the acoustic track is a good send off for an otherwise brilliant third EP. By far the best-sounding material I’ve heard from them.

The band have since gone their separate ways, which I’m gutted about, and I can’t help but feel a twinge of nostalgia when I think about the past three years. Recording these guys really put me on the local engineer map, and I’ve grown as an engineer like they’ve grown as songwriters. I think you can hear a real progression in production and songwriting from the ‘Lighthouse’ EP up to this latest release. Max has started a new band, and I hope the others follow suit and continue with some musical endeavours.


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