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November 10, 2015

Everyday I check my ‘On This Day’ tab on Facebook to reminisce on old times. Today marks the 4th anniversary of recording an old local band, Diss, at university. I even wrote a blog post or two about it which you can read HERE and HERE. We recorded 10 tracks in two days in true Punk Rock fashion. Prior to the two sessions we did, I was forever posting statuses on Facebook asking if any bands from home wanted free recording in one of uni’s studios, as it was for an assignment I had to do. A friend of mine, Carl, gave me a call and I told him the details. He found me a band that needed some recordings, and I was put in contact with, what is now, Ash and Dan from Light Fire Down.

They travelled from home on the train with nothing but the clothes they were wearing (and some spares) and their guitars. They stayed at the Premier Inn right next to uni, and I remember Ash having his spare clothes wedged into the front zip pocket of his soft gig bag. Dan was hungover and had another beer before the session in the SU. We recorded it all live besides guitar overdubs and vocals. First day was dedicated to instruments, and second day was vocals. After the second session, I think me, Pete and Dexter went back to Dexter’s accommodation and ordered Domino’s and drank beer until 2am… and had lectures the next morning. Man, I miss uni life.

Sessions like this were awesome to experiment with and try out things that I’d read but never put into practice. We decided to mic overheads in a recorderman array, had an MD421 in the kick with my DIY subkick I’d just made outside. We even recorded gang vocals using mid/side. Guitars were recorded through a Peavey Valve King with a 57 and 421, bass was straight DI.

I find it kind of funny that recording a band that didn’t really go anywhere or do anything turned out to the main factor for recording Light Fire Down’s two EPs because Ash and Dan liked the work I had done for them with Diss. You always hear “never say no to an opportunity because it can lead to better things” or something similar, but this really did happen with Diss. I was given the chance to make a good impression and that band have since hired me again because they liked my work.


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