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Conchairto vocal sessions

October 25, 2015

So it’s been a really long time since I last wrote a blog post (July, I see). The Conchairto project took a backseat for a few months because of life. This past month, I’ve had the entire house to myself, and have been able to practice vocal warmups without being mocked. I initially laid down vocals for a track called “Vultures”, but I wasn’t happy with them. The best takes I got were whilst I was sat down, which isn’t really the best way to sing. So, I took a step back from the project for a while, and spent about a month going through a vocal warmup routine and sticking to it.

I went back to the project a couple of weeks ago to record, what I thought was, the hardest track on the EP, “Weathered Skin”… I was kinda dreading singing it, as the second verse is pretty high despite having some shouty bits. After spending a couple of hours getting the takes and being completely satisfied. One song is completely finished.

Vocal chain so far has been pretty simple. Shure SM7B > UA Apollo. Depending on Billy’s voice for “Dark Cloud”, I’m most likely either going to use the SM7B, or a KSM32 through the Apollo.


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