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Unnamed project – drum session and the beginnings

April 8, 2015

On Monday, I recorded drums for an upcoming (and currently unnamed) project that I’m a part of. We’ve written three songs over the course of about a month, two of which were written anyway from previous projects that we’d been in. I suppose we’re reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World and The American Scene, but these three songs are quite different from one another, as we’re trying to hone in our sound. The band comprises of myself, Max from Light Fire Down and Billy who I’ve known for about a couple of years. We’re still searching for a bassist, but for this EP we’re going to record the parts ourselves and put it out there for any potential bassists to hear.

The drum session went pretty well. It was nice to take as long as I wanted with mic placement and choosing what mics to place on a source without a band getting panicky that I’m eating into their tight budget. We recorded in the back room of the village hall where I recorded Summer Drive Home and Tate, as it’s the best room I’ve found locally that sounds incredible for drums, and it’s super super cheap to hire for a day.

Mics were mainly going into my new Audient ASP008 which was fed into my Universal Audio Apollo via ADAT; the rest of the mics went into pretty coloured pres like my Warm Audios for toms and my newly built Hairball Audio Bronze 500 series pre for the outer kick mic. I tried a couple of different things, but it was my usual go-to array of mics on the sources:

  • SM57 inner kick
  • NT2000 outer kick
  • Subkick
  • SM57 top and bottom snare
  • SM57 hi tom
  • MD421 floor tom
  • SM7B hi-hat
  • KSM32s overheads
  • Fathead II room

This was the first session I had with this setup where I recorded drums, and I’m seriously impressed with how it’s sounding. Everything was right; the room we recorded in was insane, the kit we used sounded incredible and had heads that were pretty new, the mics I was using were all of good quality, and the mic pres and conversion were also pretty high end. I also experimented with some Auralex foam (pictured) that I’d borrowed from work to cut down on some room reflections getting into the close mics, which worked a little bit. I wanted to hang some duvets on the side walls, but there was no way we could’ve held them up. I also used these Studiospares knock-offs of the Primacoustic crash guard for the top snare and hi tom mics which helped a little bit with bleed, but also seemed to give a more focused sound to each drum.

I’ve since comped drums and I’m going to quantize them before we record DI guitar tracks to be reamped at a local studio. Looking forward to the end product of this product!

Photo 06-04-2015 15 34 22


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