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Light Fire Down ‘Piece of You’ EP release

February 20, 2015

Today is the day that my buds in Light Fire Down release their new EP that we recorded for digital and physical release. We recorded this EP way back in May/June last year, and the guys have finally put it out for your listening pleasure. I’m extremely happy how this EP turned out, songwriting wise and production. I think we all kicked it up a notch with this one!

I’m also proud of the result considering the circumstances we were faced with. I recorded this whole EP when I would finish work at 5pm each day. We only had four hour windows to get each instrument tracked, and were constantly racing the clock. Not to mention having guitar lessons taking place above us each session, where I’d reluctantly tell them to be quieter or move to another room. We even had a guy walk into the drum session mid-take, and had the door slam behind him. We were basically battling the clock and everyone else every session. It was a nightmare. Having said that, the added pressure made us more focused and work harder.

Despite the added pressures, these sessions were a lot of fun. With us being so absorbed by the recording process, the laughs we had made it more sane for us (that, and having pizza brought to the sessions). Anyway, you can stream the whole EP below.


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