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What worked well this year.

December 24, 2014

A recent video from The Recording Revolution goes over the idea of writing down what went well/not so well this year in the studio. So, I thought I would write mine down on this medium in hopes of bettering myself in the next year.

What went well:

– Mixing at low volumes.

– Mixing in mono.

– Balancing tracks with faders before adding effects.

– Recording in a studio space with proper monitoring.

– Minimalist mic’ing yields better results than thinking that I have to use all the mics I recorded a source with in a mix.

What went badly:

– Getting too eager about projects, and mixing instruments before the whole project was finished.

– Rushing to get sounds/tones for the sake of getting more recording done and sometimes paying the price later.

– Buying too much equipment that I don’t need/use enough to warrant having it.

– Setting prices too low.

– Less sessions than I hoped by not advertising my services, relying too much on word of mouth to get me work.

I’m hoping that by publishing this post, I’ll be able to better myself in the following year and get more professional results and even more work than this year. I can refer back to this post and remember how I felt at this current time.


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