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Recap of this year so far

August 18, 2014

As the summer unfortunately draws to a close, I thought I’d write a post on how things have been this year. I’ve recorded a total of four bands which I’ve worked around a full-time job; these were Tate, Summer Drive Home, Fissure of Riddles and Light Fire Down. This is double from what I recorded last year, so I’d like to think that word is spreading about my recorded work.

With every project I do, I’m always pushing myself to get better results than the previous one. My latest project that I’ve worked on has been Light Fire Down’s second release, and I feel this is getting into the ballpark of what I would consider a “professional” result, the band are extremely happy with it, and my brother even commented on how my mixes are now sounding professional.

I’m currently wrapping up Tate’s 2-track debut release. This has been the longest project, taking the best part of eight months to finish. The plan was initially to record drums whilst they recorded everything else and got me to mix and master the songs, but due to the guitarist’s interfaces breaking, they’ve got me in to do the rest. We initially recorded six songs, but for them to keep costs down, it’s been whittled down to two. All that’s left is vocals for one song, then I can complete the mix and master it.

Overall, this year has been great for me. I’ve been working constantly on bands’ songs, and there hasn’t been a lull unlike previous years. I’ve been recording mostly every week or at least mixing. I’m hoping that the next year will be even bigger.


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