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Light Fire Down EP #2 – Tracking all finished!

July 9, 2014

So tonight, we finished tracking Light Fire Down’s second EP. We added harmonies and backing vocals, and redid a few bits and pieces. Really pleased how it’s sounding already, particularly drums, considering the EP has had no mix processing whatsoever besides volume and panning. I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into mixing this record, I’ve recently bought a Yamaha SPX90, and I’m currently waiting on a DBX 160x which I’m going to use on drums.

I’m taking a different approach to mixing this EP, like I said in previous posts. I want to save myself unnecessary hours of work by only mixing when everything has been recorded; before I even touch an EQ or compressor, I’m going to get separation by volume changes, and I may even mix in mono. I’m also going to add vocal automation to level out volume inconsistencies first before I compress them. I want to break the usual habits of my mixing routine and potentially save myself time, yet still get great results in the process.


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