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Unnamed band – Guitars

July 6, 2014

The unnamed band that I recorded drums for back in January have hired me back in to record the rest of their EP. Their guitarist has equipment himself that he uses to record, and so they wanted to keep costs down, but due to equipment failure (and them not being happy with how the takes were sounding), they hired me back in.

A few weeks back, I tracked bass with them. We went through a Fender American P-Bass into a Ashdown NM2 overdrive and then into an Ampeg PF500 and TC Electronic RS 2×12 cab. The guys wanted some meaty dirt, and the Ashdown NM2 really gets there without any fuss. I took a DI signal from a Sansamp as well, and I’ve added the Orange amp that comes with Guitar Rig to growl it up some more.

Today, we tracked guitars. as with bass, we tracked round the guitarist’s house in a couple of spare bedrooms (put the amp in one room, and we were in the other). Having a separate room away from the amp is such a blessing, as you’re not bombarded with an ear-piercing amp for 8 hours, and it’s just generally a lot more comfortable. Tom, their guitarist, has this Boss 2.1 system which we used just for hearing the songs rather than using them to objectively listen to amp tones, as I had my Sennheiser HD280s for that.

We tracked with a Vox AC30 which was recorded with a Fathead II, SM57 and MD421, but I’ll probably just use the Fathead and the 57. The Fathead II and the MD421 went through my Warm Audio WA12s whilst the SM57 went straight into my FireStudio Project. The band want to have a sort of lo-fi “live” feeling to their tracks, but still sound good. I guess the best way to put it is “just listen to Thrice’s ‘Beggars’ or ‘Major/Minor’ albums”, and you’ll get the idea.

This project has been long in the works, and the guys are looking to wrap it up fairly soonish. Next up is vocals.


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