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Light Fire Down EP #2 – Vocals

June 22, 2014

This week, I recorded vocals for Light Fire Down’s second release. We only have backing vocals left to do, and I’m looking forward to mixing it! The boys have really stepped up the songwriting on this EP, and they’re a lot catchier than their previous release. The vocal chain for this session was pretty simple, literally just one of my KSM32s straight into the inbuilt pres on the FireStudio Project.

Rich has become quite the belter when singing, and in hindsight, I wish I had an SM7B to use for his voice, as there’s a few harsh bits when he sings louder. The KSM32 is relatively flat microphone though, so I’m glad I chose that over a condenser like a Rode or the cheaper Chinese-built mics, where the 8kHz-and-up range has a wide bump.

I’ve also learnt that vocal sessions are particularly delicate and precarious. Unlike drums and guitars where you can tune back up to pitch and do as many takes as you like, vocalists will soon wear out if you work in this way. There’s a hard compromise that you need to make, where you either get less takes and save the vocalists voice, and hope that you’ve got enough takes to comp from; or record more takes and get that performance, but the vocalists voice will wear out quicker. I’ve found that the former certainly works better.

Despite me pushing Rich really hard on vocal takes, particularly on their song “Carolena” (also my favourite on this EP), he did extremely well. I’m really looking forward to wrapping this one up and mixing it! The boys have a great work ethic towards recording, and they’ve grown well as a band following their last release. 


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