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Light Fire Down – EP #2 – Final guitars

June 11, 2014

Bp1biATIMAA7DN5Yesterday, I finished up guitars with Light Fire Down. I’m incredibly happy with how everything’s sounding so far. We tracked with Rich’s Gibson SG through my Tube Screamer 808, Dan’s DSL50 and Rich’s Marshall 4×12. It was recorded with a 57, 421 and also a Fathead II. I think I’ll just use the 57 and Fathead II in the mix though.

From working on this EP, I’ve appreciated the notion of getting things right at the source. I try to get things sounding pretty good at the source anyway; although a lot of my sessions are in empty rooms that the band rents out for up to 8 hours at a time, so without proper monitoring (and racing the clock all the time), it’s hard to get things sounding great and making sure everything you set out to record gets recorded in the allocated time.

I’ve gone for a completely different approach on this bunch of sessions. I’ve restricted myself in the sense that I’m pretending there is no mixing stage. I’ve only done levels and pans for the songs at the moment, and I’m only going to start adding EQ, compression, reverb, harmonic shaping when EVERYTHING is tracked (inspired by Chris Lord-Alge’s way of mixing).

In all sessions that I’ve done up to now, I’ve fallen into the trap of mixing each instrument as soon as it’s been tracked, which has meant that I’ve spent hours figuratively painting myself into a corner. Working sessions in around a full-time job means I’ve got about a week each time before a new instrument is tracked, so I give into temptation and start mixing. This new approach has definitely gotten me better results, and will be something that I do all the time from now on.



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