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Light Fire Down EP #2 – Guitars

May 29, 2014

So, on Tuesday, I recorded the first set of guitar tracks for Light Fire Down. This time around we had a better crop of pedals and amps than the first EP. We went through Dan’s Orange TH30 into my old Marshall 2×12 with Vintage 30s. Dan was using his Fender HH Strat with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, which went into my Tube Screamer 808 with an original 1980s IC chip. The 2×12 was mic’ed up with a Shure SM57, MD421 and Cascade Fathead II. I had trouble positioning the Fathead II right on the grille cloth due to its bulky shock mount, so it was out of phase when I recorded it, but a simple polarity reversal switch put the fatness back in.

I wasn’t as “scared” this time to get the Fathead II right up close to the loud guitar cab. For Summer Drive Home’s EP, I set the mics back about 8 inches and angled the Fathead II off axis so the air wasn’t smacking the ribbon dead on, and minimised the possibility of damage. Doing this though meant that the guitar tone was weaker and didn’t have the balls that I’d have liked. With Light Fire Down, I still angled the Fathead II, but got it as close to the speaker as I could. Listening back to the guitar tracks, I’m having a hard time deciding whether I want to use the Fathead II or the 421 with the 57!

The 57 and 421 went through my Warm Audio WA12s. I pushed the tone buttons in which added some serious balls to the sound! I also drove the pres pretty hard to get the fat colour that I wanted (I think I put the pad switches in for both pres and cranked the gain). Below is a picture from the session – on Monday we’re tracking bass.



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