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Light Fire Down EP #2

May 18, 2014

These past few weeks have been busy with recording/mixing.. I’ve wrapped up Fissure of Riddles’ EP, finished tracking Summer Drive Home’s EP and currently mixing it, and now I’m working with Light Fire Down again for their second release. On Thursday, we tracked drums at the studio at work. This time I went for a standard array of mics and didn’t really do anything fancy:

– 57 inside kick

– D112 outside kick

– Subkick

– 57 snare top and bottom

– 57 hi-tom

– 421 floor tom

– STC-1 hi-hat

– KSM32 overheads

I brought along my Cascade Fathead IIs for room mics, but we didn’t have enough XLR to use them, and as the room we’re recording in isn’t that acoustically inspiring, I thought I’d give it a miss (not to mention that I’ve never really been able to get a good room sound in there).

We started setting up at 5pm and were finished by 8:30pm which included an hour setup time and about 30 minutes at the end packing all the gear down. Max is probably the fastest drummer I’ve worked with, he just gets on the kit and smashes the songs out with barely any mistakes. Below is a picture from the session.



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