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March 23, 2014

So I’ve been pretty quiet on here for a while. In all honesty, I don’t really use this anymore, but I thought I’d write about some recent sessions which I’ve taken on. A few weeks back I recorded drums and bass for an upcoming local band, Summer Drive Home. We tracked drums in the village hall again, but this time I experimented with Blumlein room mics with my Cascade Fathead IIs. The standard array of mics was used on the kit; modded 57 on kick, subkick, 57 top and bottom snare, 57 on hi-tom, 421 on floor tom and KSM32s on overheads.



After comping and quantizing, we tracked bass at the studio where I work. We used Chris Aiken signature p-bass > Sansamp > TC Electronic BH250 > Ashdown MAG210T > MD421 > KSM32 > Warm Audio WA12s. The 421 gave me a more rounded bass tone that wasn’t as hyped like the D112, the KSM32 was quite smooth in character and not at all hyped.


I’ve also been working with local Metallers, Fissure of Riddles. We tracked drums a couple of weeks ago in the studio where I work. I didn’t use any room mics in this session due to input limitations, but the mic list was; modded 57 on kick, subkick, 57 top and bottom snare, 57s on hi and mid toms, 421 on floor tom 1, Audix F6 on floor tom 2 and KSM32s on overheads. The drum sound is a bit more close than that of Summer Drive Home’s, mainly due to the character of the room and that I didn’t use any room mics. We start tracking bass on the 3rd before progressively doing the rest on a weekly basis.


Hopefully got some more sessions coming up this year with old pals Light Fire Down recording a new single and some mixing sessions for the unnamed band I recorded back in January. 2014 has been my best year yet for recording new artists!


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