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Big drums in a small room

January 31, 2014

Last weekend, I recorded a few friends of mine and their new unnamed band in a Village Hall near my house. This room is the same place where I recorded my brother’s old band for their rehearsal. Impressed with how my Cascade Fathead IIs sounded on overheads, I decided to put them through their paces again in this session and retired one of my KSM32s as a room mic facing the brick wall to pick up a bright room tone. The Fathead IIs were definitely the right choice in this session, as the cymbal choice wasn’t the best and we had to settle for a lot of aggressive and splashy cymbals.

I also put my new Warm Audio WA12s through their paces on the outside kick mic (which was an NT1-A), and floor tom (MD421), both with the tone buttons pushed in. For the rest of the mics, it was a pretty standard array with SM57s on snare top and bottom, and hi-tom, DIY subkick for meaty subs, and another SM57 inside the kick to pick up the beater.

The guys wanted to just record drums with me, and they’re recording the rest themselves before sending the other parts to me for the final mix and master. I’m really happy how the session turned out, the drums are already sounding great and in the ballpark of ‘Anthology’ by Thrice, which is what I wanted. This is literally the best drum sound I’ve achieved, and I’m looking forward to mixing and mastering it!




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