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Light Fire Down – Vocals and final pieces

August 14, 2013

So today, I’ve been tracking the last few vocal bits with Light Fire Down by working on harmonies. I went to the studio early so I could record some abstract chimes/bells for the bridge of one of their tracks. I thought it’d be a cool idea, and it sounds really doomy, which I like. I used one of my Sontronics STC-1s for more transient detail and attack, and set it around 3ft back to capture the whole spectrum of the instrument. The instrument is this really old, beaten up, hunk of junk that never gets used in the studio, but I’m glad we haven’t chucked it out, as it sounds really cool!

For vocals, I recorded through one of my Shure KSM32s. This whole EP has been recorded through PreSonus FireStudio Projects; no fancy recording desk, no fancy external compressors or EQ on the way in, just an 8-channel firewire audio interface. I’m so impressed by how good the pres are in these units. Most interfaces generally sound pretty good these days anyway, but the signal going in is so clean and full-bodied.

Below are some pics from the session:




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