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Light Fire Down – Guitars

August 5, 2013

This past week, I’ve been working on guitar tracks with Light Fire Down. We initially started with leads and then rhythm just for kicks. For lead guitars, we went through my rig which is my homemade custom Telecaster with Dimarzio Twang Kings into my Sweet Honey Overdrive to push the tubes and to add a bit of flexibility with EQ, then into my Tiny Terror head and finally into my Orange 1×12. I recorded it with an SM57 and MD421. The purpose of having the Sweet Honey Overdrive in the chain, like I said, was to give more flexibility with EQ, as the Tiny Terror’s EQ section is fairly limiting, the pedal was also used just to drive the tubes a bit more, and provide a more compressed overdrive tone.

For Rich’s guitars, we went through my old guitar head which I sold to Dan (lead guitarist). We tracked through Dan’s Epiphone Les Paul into my Pork Loin to push the tubes, then into my old JCM2000 DSL50, into Rich’s Marshall 4×12. Again, we recorded with an SM57 and MD421. During this session, once we’d finished all of Rich’s parts, we decided to record some weird noisy sounds for the intro to their opening track “Lighthouse”, I brought my discontinued Electro Harmonix HOG and put it in “freeze-gliss” mode with an expression pedal to get some weird organ-like sounds. Below are some pictures from the session.




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