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Light Fire Down – Drum Recording

June 26, 2013

This week, I’ve been working with Light Fire Down, a new Melodic Punk band based in my hometown. They’ve got three tracks that they’re recording with me, and on Monday we started drums. The guys are heavily influenced by Alkaline Trio, so I’ve done some early mixing to the drums and so far, it’s in the ballpark of a modern Alkaline Trio record. Max, their drummer, is also in WeWhoDare, and we both decided that we wanted to use a different snare with this record which had more crack and tone rather than Max’s deep Pork Pie snare.

The setup in this session was more-or-less the same, besides a few sneaky things. I used three mics on the kick, something I’ve never done before and I also made a “tent” for it to isolate the mics from the rest of the kit. I used my DIY subkick and modded 57 as before, but added my Rode NT1-A to the resonant head to pick up more tone. Other than that, the setup is the same with 57s on the snare and hi-tom, 421 on the floor, KSM32s for overheads and my NT2000 for the room set to omni.

I’ve since comped the drum tracks, and I’m going to start the long tedious journey of quantizing tomorrow. Can’t wait to crack on with guitars!





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