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WeWhoDare Drum Recording

May 3, 2013

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post, so I decided I would take the time to write about some drum recording I did a couple of days ago… yeah, sorry; it’s not a helpful tip or mic suggestion this time! The band WeWhoDare are from my hometown, they’re a Metalcore band which haven’t been on the scene long, and they wanted to record their first single with me, which I was pretty excited about.

While She Sleeps is a huge influence on the band, and so I wanted to capture that ambience which is a notable feature in their tracks, whilst still capturing that punch and crack. I decided the theatre at my work would be the perfect place to record drums; a huge room with wooden floors and about a 20ft high ceiling where I could experiment with room mics.

For drums, I went all out; I used about 14 channels worth. On kick, I had a newly-acquired SM57 for the inner mic to pick up the snap and click, and on the outside, I had my DIY subkick made from a Studio Spares speaker cone. On snare, a 57 again, top and bottom. For toms, I used a 57 for the hi tom and my 421 for the floor. Hi-hat, I used my trusty Sontronics STC-1 and for overheads I used my pair of Shure KSM32s. For the room, I used my Rode NT2000 and set it to omni and placed it about 20ft back from the kit and aimed it at the belly of the drummer. I also had a “close room” mic, which was my Rode NT1-A about 8ft away from the kit, in the end I decided not to use this.

I wanted to play with samples during the mix for this track, so I taped down the drum triggers I made to the snare and toms. A trigger on the kick wasn’t necessary, as I was able to use my DIY subkick to act as the trigger.

Once all the mics and levels were set, we started to track. I recorded as many takes as I could get from a 4 hour time window, an hour each end, of which, was used to set up and pack down mics.

Below are some pictures from the session.







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