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KSM32 – The most realistic microphone for £400?

March 1, 2013

Today, I recorded some grand piano in the studio at work using my KSM32s. The last time I used these mics for a session was back when I was at uni and recorded acoustic guitar and vocals (yes I know, it’s criminal that it’s been so long); the blog post of which, can be found below. I’ve been dying to try these mics out again, and piano seemed like a great instrument to put them through their paces.

I thought I’d go for the classic spaced pair configuration to give me the wide stereo image but to also capture the wide tonal possibility from such a big instrument. I also used my Sontronics STC-1s which I positioned in XY to see which one I preferred (the below clip just being the KSM32s).

I’m astounded by how realistic these mics are. The example below (albeit compressed by Soundcloud) gives an extremely good example of how the piano sounded in the room. Our Kawai at work is very mellow sounding, tonally, yet still loud and aggressive. Listen to the sample below. No mixing whatsoever has been done here besides panning.



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