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New job

September 18, 2012

I’m very pleased to announce that I am now working full-time at my old college as the studio manager. It’s great to finally be working in a job that I enjoy and in something which I’m strongest at. This past week, I’ve been putting forward ideas which I think would be a huge benefit to the overall quality of the college.

One of things that I suggested was to make one of our workrooms more like a home studio setup. Before there was this horrible Seck 1282 desk (have any of you heard of this?) which was in a room about the size of my bedroom. I decided that this room didn’t warrant  having potentially 12 channels to be recorded simultaneously, as the control room next door has an Allen and Heath ZED R16 and Mackie HR824s.

This idea was eventually given the go ahead and I managed to put in an Mbox 2, MIDI keyboard and hook it up to our Blue Sky 2.1 system. Now we have a heavy duty mic stand living in there (the Sontronics Matrix 10) and an available two inputs on the Mbox 2 which can be used for the electronic music lovers or students who just want to lay down some vocals or guitar tracks. Overall, a nicer setup which doesn’t take up nearly as big of a footprint.

Next on the agenda is waiting for the drum heads and cymbals that I’ve ordered to be delivered so that I can put them on our PDP CX kit. After that I can focus on getting more studio gear, sorting out a booking system and eventually rebuilding the whole studio so that it’s soundproofed. A lot of stuff in the pipeline that I’m really excited about!


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