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Don’t sell/throw out that “bad” equipment yet!

June 4, 2012

So if you’re like me, you’ll constantly find yourself obsessing over gear that you want – there’s no end. You may find along the way that you bought something which you thought was going to be really good, but in actual fact it turns out to be awful on what it’s primarily used for.

My idea here is that even your “bad” equipment serves a purpose in the studio in some form. I like to call these things “let’s f*** things up” equipment (excuse the expletive). This equipment is your cheap equipment that you hate the sound of, but used in a creative way can yield some great results.

Take my Electro Harmonix Nano Clone for example, I originally bought this because I wanted to include a chorus pedal in my guitar chain. The Nano Clone is cheap, probably Electro Harmonix’ cheapest pedal. I have since taken it out of my guitar chain to use as a studio effect. When the rate knob is cranked, the chorus gives a pseudo sound of a Leslie speaker cabinet. Now that the pot is getting dustier, the circuitry inside has gotten all noisy and slightly hissy. My point being is that I’d have no issue to use this in a creative way to get interesting sounds that would be hard to replicate otherwise.

You may be surprised at what equipment you have and the results you can get from it when used creatively. Try using some cheap PZM mics as a room mic when stuck to a wall, use cheap guitar pedals on other instruments besides guitar like synth – get creative with your equipment and “f*** things up” a bit to get some original and interesting sounds to add more lo-fi texture to your recordings. These can be used in a drop down section of a song or blended in with the more polished sounding tracks.


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