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On the subject of videos…

April 5, 2012

My friends in 8 Days Later recently recorded their second EP at the studio I’m interning at, The Ranch Production House. I was there for most of the sessions when these guys were recording, and contributed to the recording process by helping to track and setting up some mics on drums, bass and guitars. The guys are releasing their EP for free on Sunday (08/03/2012) via their Facebook/BandCamp page. Here’s a video which they shot for their track “A Place to Call Home”.


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  1. Do you know what kind of mic pre was used on the guitars for the song A Place to Call Home.
    If you could email me that would be great man. Amazing sound great tune cool band thumbs up.

    • Hi Ed! I’m not absolutely certain as the sessions were back in January, but I seem to remember the guitars being tracked through an A-Designs Pacifica mainly. Through searching through my Twitter updates, I know that for the rhythm guitar mics we had 2 SM57s and a Neumann U89 on a Blackstar 4X12 cab running through a Rockerverb 50.

      • Thank you very much . My guitar tones are sort of lacking and your tone is just what i would really bring some new life to my sound Thank you .
        A new fan in canada

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