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My recording in a music video.

April 5, 2012

A cover song that I recorded a while ago of “Mr. Brightside” for my friends (some of the recordings are in the KSM32 blog post) has just had a music video released for it. This was the first time that any of my work has ever had a music video for it which is pretty cool! I had to give the videographer a version of the track which had a 2-bar click at the start so that filming would go a lot more smoothly.

I provided a 16bit WAV file, although apparently the videographer wasn’t able to use WAV files or even a high-res MP3 in his video editing software, which I thought was pretty odd considering that WAV files are uncompressed and MP3s have become the norm. He apparently had to convert the file to an AIFF (again, uncompressed and essentially mac’s version of a WAV).

The annoying thing is that the audio is completely jeopardised in the video; it doesn’t have nearly the amount of clarity that the original file had and it’s also been summed to mono, meaning all that automated panning I did to make the choruses sound bigger and to make the mix more interesting has gone.


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