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Using the “link/thru” jack on your DI box

April 1, 2012

You’ll see from a couple of posts back that I suggested four tips to consider in any recording session to save yourself if something goes wrong. This is sort of a continuation of that, but focusing mainly on the DI’ing point. DI’ing guitar tracks has some great uses, combined with the already recorded guitar sound, a DI signal can be put through an amp modeller such as Guitar Rig to enhance the tone even more! Conversely, a DI signal can be used when things didn’t quite go to plan; for example, if the recorded guitar tone wasn’t quite what you were after, and you don’t have anyway to re-record the guitar parts, you can use an amp modeller as a last resort. However, if you do have the access to great guitar amps (your friend maybe), you can re-amp the DI signal using a re-amp box.

To DI your guitar tracks, plug your guitar cable into the DI box input as you would do normally and use an XLR cable from the output to plug into your recording interface. Now here’s where it gets interesting, most DI boxes have a 1/4″ jack labelled “Link” or “Thru”, take a patch lead and plug it into this output and with the other end of the cable, plug it into the input of the guitar amp. Now you’re all set to record a wet signal from your guitar amp whilst recording a dry signal from the DI box too, which you can mess around with later.

















If the tone you recorded was lacklustre, you can re-amp the signal using a re-amp box. Effectively, this is the same process but in reverse. Using one of the outputs on your recording interface, take an appropriate cable and run it into the input of the re-amp box. From there, take a 1/4″ cable and plug it into the output of the re-amp box; with the other end of the cable, plug this back into the input of your guitar amp. Set up some mics, and hit record!


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