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It’s arrived… finally! And other news.

February 4, 2012

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that I won an auction for a second hand Macbook Pro on eBay. After on an onslaught of grief from the guy who was selling it, it’s finally here (basically he’s going to get negative feedback once I’m sure this all works). Since I’ve had it, I’ve just been installing all the audio software I can to get things back to my normal setup. Pro Tools hasn’t crashed on me from having one of my Firestudio Projects plugged in – just like what I wanted my old laptop to do.

In other news, I tried winning an auction on two Golden Age Project Pre-73s yesterday. I was so close but outbid by £10 at the last couple of seconds. I’m gutted because I wanted to be the definitive blog that shared sound samples available for download at high bit depths and have WAV files rather than MP3s. With my newly acquired bursary payment, I decided to get the other KSM32 which I needed instead. Sound samples on those being used on sound sources soon!


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