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Jumping on the Mac bandwagon

January 25, 2012

I’ve recently won an auction on eBay for a February 2011 Macbook Pro. You may have seen my recent blog post about how the buffer sizes in Pro Tools weren’t matching ASIO4ALL or the Presonus Universal Control. I eventually got a friend to help me fix it, however when the two were matched, I was getting weird pops and crackles in the audio. I also kept getting a message saying that I’d have to restart my computer to run Pro Tools again every time I shut Pro Tools down.

I grew tired with the fact I was doing everything I could to make it run in a stable manner, but nothing was ever good enough, and also that I was relying on ASIO4ALL which isn’t even official software developed by a company but rather some guy in his house. I was surprised considering I’m running my Dell with an i5 and 3gb ram.. So I decided it was time to get a Mac, the ones at uni are really reliable and they’re old Macs.

I’ve fought Windows’ corner and tried getting people to accept that they can work for audio recording, but I really don’t think they can. I’ve never had everything just “work”. I’ve always had to do something else to get that thing to work and then there’d be something I’d have to do to get that to work. For general web browsing and writing up documents, I don’t see why people have a Mac.


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