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A (seemingly) great mic pre that won’t break the bank!

January 14, 2012

Having an alternative mic pre or two is a great way to get a different sound from what you primarily record with. Most home studio engineers like myself will have rack mountable interfaces with 8 mic pres which sound pretty hi-fi and try not to impart much colour into the singal path when being converted to digital. However, having something which sounds really coloured gives a “breath of fresh air” to your recordings. We’d all love to buy pres from API, UA, Chandler etc, but us home studio folk can’t spend 2 grand and up on mic pres.

One great cheap mic pre is the Golden Age Project Pre-73. For about £250 a piece, these mic pres try and emulate the sound of the Neve 1073 for a fraction of the cost. Whether this is done well or not is debatable, but regardless of whether it sounds like a 1073 or not, the sound is bound to be different to what you currently have nonetheless. I like to forget that it’s trying to replicate that sound entirely, and just treat it like an individual mic pre, that way you won’t get dissapointed if it doesn’t sound like a 1073. I’ve had a listen to a fair few samples online of this mic pre, and I personally think it sounds awesome for the price.

I’m looking to get a couple of these to use in my sessions, but that won’t be for a long time yet since I’ve still got to buy my other KSM32. If (which I’m hoping I will) I get a couple of these, I’ll definitely put up some samples which I’ll probably let you download the 24bit 44.1kHz wavs of them used on various sound sources. For now though, listen to the MP3s provided by Zen Pro Audio.


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