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Making a DIY Subkick (the beginning)

November 7, 2011

Before I came home from uni, I ordered up a Studiospares SN-10 driver (their equivalent to the NS-10 if you didn’t guess). From pictures on forums, when people use the NS-10 driver, they’re able to mount it directly onto a mic stand; although I can’t as this driver is stupidly heavy and would just topple the stand over.

I’ve been thinking of ways to mount it from looking for cheap snare drums to demolish. Snare drums are too expensive just to demolish though, so I’m probably going to have to buy a snare stand and collapse it around the mic. I’ve got the XLR cable stripped, all I need to do now is get a soldering iron and attach it.

Like everybody on the forums say, making the microphone is easy, mounting it is the hard part.


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