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Messing Around with Drum Recording

November 2, 2011

Today I booked some studio time at uni with my classmate, Pete, and we did some drum recording through a D-Command desk using Audient mic pres. The digital domain works a lot better for me, as I can focus more on setting up mics and getting a great sound rather than messing around with an analog desk figuring out where I’m routing stuff and two sets of faders.

We’re recording a band in there next week, so we decided to get to grips with the desk now and decide what sort of mic placement we were going to use for the drums. I wanted to try out the MD421 in the kick as I’m not really a big fan of the D112. I also wanted to try out some mid/side for the room ambience, so we used a Neumann U87 with an NT1-A. The overheads were a couple of AKG C451Bs in an XY pattern and then we used SM57s on the snare and rack tom along with a MD421 on the floor tom.

Because we sort of rushed getting levels in, and the fact the desk was stupidly quiet even when we cranked it, it was hard to gauge how much level we needed to put in. The resulting sound shows that the toms are at a nice level but everything else, particularly the snare, is really quiet. Excuse the drum playing, it was all Pete’s fault. 😉 Listen to the unmixed drum sound, all we’ve done is panned tracks and set levels.


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