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September 10, 2011

With only one day left at home before I head off to uni, I’ve been busy sorting out what stuff I’m taking with me. After much thought for the recording equipment side of things, I’ve decided to narrow it down quite considerably. I’m not taking any mics with me at this stage, as I have nothing to record besides house noises, so instead I’m taking one of my Firestudio Projects, the Liquid Mix and my HD280 Pros (taking monitors would be a hinderance). It feels quite refreshing to limit myself on what gear I’ll be using and almost having to make-do with what I have. I decided I can record everything at the university with their amazing gear and then bounce the audio files down and put them on my hard drive so I can mix them at the house.

In other news though, Cycle Schmeichel are getting the tracks I recorded for them put onto a limited amount of cassettes and I think they’re putting the tracks online too for your listening pleasure. As for Boxing Clever, I don’t know what the score is with them; but they should be putting up their track online relatively soon. Also, I’ve had a headache all day today. Sorting out stuff for uni is beginning to take its toll, but I’ve sold a tonne of stuff on eBay and made a nice sum of money which’ll be useful for living costs and possibly buying the FabFilter Pro-L.


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