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Recording on a farm

July 18, 2011

You’ll see on my last blog post that I had a session over the weekend with some old friends of mine. This session was great, it felt like a “proper session” as we were right out in the sticks on a farm recording in the bassist’s parents’ annex. The room we recorded in sounded mighty for drums (listen to the unmixed clip below). I decided for this session to use my AKG D112 on the kick instead of my Audix D6 just because I felt that their style didn’t demand such a heavy sounding kick. I also used my new Sontronics ST-Pad/Phase switch which came in really useful for placing my NT1-A under the snare.

There was certainly no way of getting away from the natural reverb, so I had to record bass and guitars in the same room we recorded drums in (the upstairs was no better either). Unfortunately we had nothing which we could’ve used to dry the sound up, so the sound of the room has gotten into the sound of the guitars and bass a little bit but doesn’t sound bad.


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